Symposia themes

The Thematic Symposia in FiMPART cover the following over arching topics:

  1. Accelerated Materials Discovery
  2. Biomaterials
  3. Corrosion (inclusive of elevated temp. reactions)
  4. Electronic Materials
  5. Energy Storage (including Batteries)
  6. Ferrous alloys (all Fe base alloys)
  7. High Entropy Alloys
  8. Light Alloys (Al, Ti, Mg etc for space and aerospace applications, Biomedical etc)
  9. Magnetic Materials
  10. Materials Characterization
  11. Materials for elevated temperatures (Superalloys, Intermetallics, Ceramics, Refractory etc)
  12. Materials for Energy
  13. Materials Performance
  14. Materials Processing (Additive manufacturing, welding & joining, casting, forming, residual stresses, etc)
  15. Metallic glasses
  16. Modelling and Simulation
  17. Nano/Nano-structured Materials
  18. Non-Destructive Testing
  19. Polymers, Ceramics and Composites
  20. Powder Metallurgy
  21. Science and Technology Policies in Materials Research
  22. Smart Materials
  23. Surface Engineering & Tribology
  24. Women in Engieering

Choosing the correct Symposia topic

If your research work carries any relevance (directly or indirectly) to the Symposia Topics mentioned on the left,  you may present your work under that appropriate topic.

If you have any doubts on which topic your research should be categorised under, then feel free to contact us either through real-time chat (below) or through an email to