Tentative list of  Speakers at FiMPART 2017

Effect of Mechanical Loading on the Delamination... Dr Achache Algeria
Design and characterization of three light-weight multi-principal-element... Dr Adeva Spain
Exploring the limitations of garnet ceramic electrolytes... Dr Aguesse Spain
Green synthesis of bimetallic Cu/Ni alloy nanoparticles... Miss Aitout Algeria
Room Temperature Impact Consolidation(RTIC) for fine ceramic... Dr Akedo Japan
Metal nanoparticle engineering Professor Al shamery Germany
Synthesis of aluminum compounds nanopowders in the... Dr Alekseev Russia
Syntheses of environment-friendly, stereocomplex biopolyamides from itaconic... Dr Ali Japan
Harmonic Structure Design for Advanced Metallic Materials... Professor Ameyama Japan
Consolidation of Ni-Cr-Nb-P-B metallic glass powders Associate Professor Amiya Japan
Disruptive X-ray methods for a new generation... Professor Andreasen Denmark
The Relation between Elastic Properties and Ionic... Professor Aniya Japan

Thermomechanical properties of a spark plasma sintered...

Associate Professor Antou France
Sustainable molecular architecture using a dendrimer and... Professor Aoi Japan
Investigating polarized fluorescence emission of Napthalene Diimide... Assistant Professor Araujo United States of America
Smart disaster prevention/mitigation based on novel materials... Professor Asanuma Japan

Smart disaster prevention/mitigation using novel materials and...

Professor Asanuma Japan

Time resolved tomography of materials processing at...

Dr Atwood United Kingdom
Properties of shear transformation zones in metallic... Professor Atzmon United States of America
Materials for high-temperature surface acoustic waves applications Associate Professor Aubert France
Photo-Electrochemical Hydrogen Production Using Semiconductor Metal Oxide... Professor Augustynski Poland
Thin film chemical analysis improvements using gas... Dr Aureau France
The supercritical fluid technology for materials processing Dr Aymonier France
An investigation on roll load and forming... Assistant Professor Azizi Tafti Iran
An investigation of thinning and weld line... Assistant Professor Azizi Tafti Iran
IrO2/Carbon Nano Hybrid Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen... Dr Badam Japan
Burr height prediction at High speed micro... Assistant Professor Bajpai India
Prediction of tool life in cryogenic machining... Dr Bajpai India

Designing a High Entropy, High Strength Stainless...

Professor Baker United States of America
The Mechanical Properties of a Model Alumina-forming... Professor Baker United States of America
Ab-initio investigation of Ti-Al intermetallic alloys Dr Bakulin Russia
High-intensity and high-resolution neutron diffraction for in-situ... Professor Balagurov Russia
Benefits of combination of Pulse Electric Current... Dr Balima France
Towards Designing a Precipitation Strengthened High Entropy... Professor Banerjee United States of America
Effects of Welding Parameters and Flux Formulation... Professor Bang South Korea
Cooling strategies during and after hot rolling... Dr Banks South Africa
Spatio-temporal patterns formation in Co-In system: films... Professor Baro Spain
Evaluation of Self-shielded Flux Cored Arc Welding... Dr Barbaro Australia
Opto- electrical properties of silver and copper... Professor Barboux France
Microstructural characterisation of proton-irradiated austenitic stainless steel Miss Barcellini United Kingdom

Recent advances on Non-Aqueous Calcium-based battery

Dr Barde Belgium
Selection of new materials as oxygen electrodes... Professor Bassat France

Stability of Hybrid EBC/TBC Coatings on SiC/SiC...

Professor Basu United States of America
Wear sliding study of a composite Mg-AZ91E/AlN... Professor Becerril Mexico

An adaptive prediction model of flow stress...

Dr Behera India
Joining of aluminum to polyethylene using friction... Assistant Professor Beidokhti Iran

Study of TiO2/Graphene-based nanocomposites for perovskite solar...

Miss Belchi France
Texture Evolutions in Stainless Steels during Cold... Dr Belyakov Russia
The Role of Mn, Zn and Sn... Dr Ben hamu Israel

Ceramic nanocomposites through Chemistry and Processability of...

Dr Bernard France
Tunability of ferroelectric composite materials: 3D modelling... Dr Bernard France
Electrochemical magnesiation of intermetallics for rechargeable Mg-ion... Dr Berthelot France

Fabrication and applications of ultrathin silicon nanoporous...

Professor Bhattacharya India

Helium effect and injected interstitial effect on...

Dr Bhattacharya United States of America
Nanomechanical Properties of 3D Materials Synthesized from... Dr Bhowmick United States of America
On the versatility of Melt-synthesis of LiFePO4... Dr Bibienne Canada
Comparative approach to the performance of direct... Mr Billal Algeria
Study on the microstructures and recrystallization behaviors... Mr Binghui China

Self-supported Ni3S2 nanosheets array for advanced high...

Associate Professor Blackwood Singapore

Microstructures and properties of metallic alloys elaborated...

Dr Blandin France
Hot deformation behavior and microstructure of AA2195... Dr Bo China
Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Zn-RE... Professor Bo China
Graphene synthesis on 3C-SiC on Si Dr Boeckl United States of America

Synthesis of NiF2.xH2O (x=0 or 4) nanoparticles...

Assistant Professor Bonnet France
3D modelling of microstructure evolution in binary... Dr Bordère France
Plasma-based nanoparticles production and coatings in Dielectric... Dr Borra France
Application of orientation imaging microscopy to study... Associate Professor Bouquerel France
Electronic Absorption Spectra of Platinum (II) Complexes... Miss Brahim Algeria
Simulations of Precipitate Microstructure Evolution during Heat... Dr Bratberg Sweden
Applications of X-ray refraction techniques to non-destructive... Professor Bruno Germany

Surface Analytical Challenges to Reliably Characterize Lithium...

Dr Bruns Germany
3D functionalisation and coating of Porous Polymers... Professor Bull United Kingdom

Tellurium based glasses for optics and thermo-electricity

Professor Bureau France
Efficient parameter development and optimisation for laser... Mrs Burkhardt Germany
Damage evolution of Al Matrix 4 Phase... Dr Cabeza Sánchez Germany
Deformation mechanisms of Mo alloyed FeCoCrNi high... Dr Cai United Kingdom
Advances in FIB EDX-Nanotomography Dr Cantoni Switzerland
Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) Welding of Dissimilar... Professor Cao China
Effects of Nb Additions on Microstructure and... Professor Caram Brazil
Using Neutron and High Energy X-ray Diffraction... Dr Carpenter United States of America

Polyanionic materials for rechargeable Na-ion batteries: embracing...

Dr Casas cabanas Spain
Fracture toughness of advanced high strength steels:... Professor Casellas Spain
Comparison Study of Optical Fe3O4 Nanoparticles:crystal structure-dependent... Mr Chan Taiwan
Magnetically controlled arc welding: Progresses and Challenges Professor Chang China
Toward 3D soft matter imaging at atomic... Professor Chen Taiwan
The role of twinning during dynamic recrystallization... Mr Chen China
Interpretation and predictions of the phase formation... Dr Jin Sweden
Application of the Calphad method in the... Dr Jin Sweden

Online Texture Measurement for Cold Rolling Interstitial...

Professor Chen China

Electron microscopy of high-performance Aluminum alloys as...

Professor Chen China
Preparation, microstructures and magnetic properties of perpendicular... Professor Chen Taiwan
Epitaxial perpendicular Co80Pt20 films with nano-grains at... Professor Chen Taiwan

Effect of Y2O3 onMicrostructure and Mechanical Properties...

Professor Chen China
Application Change of MIM Parts in 3C... Dr Chiou Taiwan
Template-based large-area nanolithography for nanoplasmonics Associate Professor Choi Korea, South
A study on deformation and fracture behaviors... Professor Choi Korea, South
Study of optical band gap of Se58Ge42-xPbx... Dr Choudhary India
Van der Waal Epitaxy of Oxide Heterostructures:... Associate Professor Chu Taiwan

Preparation of High-performance Iron-based Cathode Materials for...

Dr Chung Korea, South
Spark Plasma Sintering, a useful tool for... Dr Chung France
Microstructural Evolution of 4340 Steel Martensite After... Associate Professor Clarke United States of America
Considerations for Induction Processing of Alloy Steels Dr Clarke United States of America

Silver-loaded composite bone cement: from microparticles preparation...

Professor Combes France
Microscopy and in-situ X-ray studies to determine... Dr Connolley United Kingdom
Antibacterial activity of micro- and nano-crystalline copper-substituted... Dr Corbel France
On work-hardening of (new) refractory high-entropy alloys Assistant Professor Couzinie France
Effect of co-dopants Sn and Zr on... Assistant Professor Cremasco Brazil

On the discovery of new alloys for...

Dr Cuesta lopez Spain
Modeling and Simulation of Evolution of Voids,... Professor Cui China


Dr Da Silva Spain
Role of cationic vacancies on the electrochemical... Dr Dambournet France
In situ Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts Associate Professor Damsgaard Denmark
Harvesting vibratory energy with magnetostrictive materials Professor Dapino United States of America
Improvement of kinetics and structure of carbon... Miss David France
Temperature controlled nanoparticle coarsening via short time... Professor De Morais China
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for VOC sensing: chemoresistive... Associate Professor Debliquy Belgium
Resolving the mechanical performance of materials in... Professor Dehm Germany
New route to develop thermal barriers coatings... Miss Delon France
Smart implant rods for spinal fusion surgery Associate Professor Demir Turkey
When Fluorine and Oxygen are stabilized together... Dr Demourgues France
Wear resistance of carbide tools with textured... Professor Deng China
Internal stresses associated with phase transformations in... Professor Denis France
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the characterization of... Professor Deschamps France
Mechanical propertis of Yttrium-doped barium zirconate proton... Dr Dezanneau France

Bi2O3 and MoO3 micro and nanostructures: growth,...

Associate Professor Diaz guerra Spain

Accuracy of Co-Cr Dental Bridges, Manufactured Using...

Associate Professor Dikova Bulgaria
A magnetic reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite giving... Dr Ding China
Heating and transparent devices based on nanomaterials... Professor Djouadi France

Structure and innovative technologies of a new...

Professor Dobrzański Poland
Biocompatible thin films applied onto metal scaffolds... Associate Professor Dobrzanska danikiewicz Poland
Combined X-Ray techniques to characterize complex materials Associate Professor Dommann Switzerland
Surface treatment of Ti-based alloys with fluorine... Dr Donchev Germany

Structural origin of commercial alloy compositions

Professor Dong China
Gold functionalized zeolitic imidazolate frameworks Dr Drisko France
Zr doped barium ferrite with extraordinary electromagnetic... Professor Du China

Microwave Electromagnetic Properties of Micro–nano MnO2 Powder

Professor Duan China
Bio-based thermosetting nanocomposites: from synthesis to high-performance... Professor Dubois Luxembourg
Refinement of 55Al-45Zn coating alloy by thermal... Dr Durandet Australia
Correlation between atomic structure and mechanical properties... Professor Eckert Austria
Impact of severe plastic deformation on solid-state... Assistant Professor Edalati Japan
Silicon as negative electrode - what more... Professor Edstrom Sweden
Local Energy Landscape of Metallic Glasses Professor Egami United States of America
Atomic-Level Stresses in High Entropy Alloys Professor Egami United States of America

Neutron diffraction on solid-state battery materials

Professor Ehrenberg Germany

Enzymatically catalyzed polyesters for elastomeric electrospun heart...

Professor El Fray Poland
Improved Strength-Ductility Balance in beta Ti Alloys... Dr Emura Japan
Nanographene; Intermediates between graphene and polycyclic aromatic... Professor Enoki Japan
Simulation of Precipitation Phenomena in Supercritical Fluids Assistant Professor Erriguible France
Environmentally friendly cements for the future Professor Escalante garcia Mexico
Spark Plasma Sintering of a TiAl alloy:... Dr Estournes France
Microstructural evolution of silicon-based electrodes for lithium-ion... Dr Etiemble France
Enhanced recovery and recrystallization of pure copper... Professor Fabrègue France
The Investigation of Wear Resistance of Hydroxyapatite-Chitosan... Mr Falaki Iran
Selective localization and migration of carbon nanofillers... Mr Fan Japan
Expedition in Potential Energy Landscape: Dynamics of... Assistant Professor Fan United States of America
Analysis of the Critical Effect of Mn... Mr Farahani Netherlands
Fabrication and characterization of porous ceramic supports... Mr Faycal Algeria
Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond... Professor Fecht Germany
Dopant distribution and gas sensing properties of... Professor Fernández Spain

Coalescence vs Ostwald Ripening in Fuel Cells:...

Professor Ferreira United States of America
Thermochemical Stability and Dynamic Behavior of Slag... Professor Fihey Canada
Specific features of directional crystallization of the... Dr Filipov Ukraine
A novel blast coating technique to enhance... Mr Flanagan Ireland
Fabrication of magnetic Fe(MnSi)-coated polypropylene membranes as... Dr Fornell Spain
The Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) process for... Professor Fraser United States of America

Understanding and Mitigating Parasitic Reactions in Non-aqueous...

Dr Freunberger Austria
Cyclic deformation behavior and microstructural changes of... Professor Fujii Japan
Microstructure and mechanical properties of ultrasonic weld... Assistant Professor Fujii Japan
Residual stress evaluation in as cast and... Dr G v s India
Tuning Coating Quality in Cold Spraying Dr Gaertner Germany
Spark plasma sintering of Ni-Zn ferrite powders Mr Gaillard France
Development, processing and performance of novel 18-karat... Dr Gallino Germany
Analysis of the intermetallic structures at the... Assistant Professor Galvão Portugal
In-situ X-ray diffraction during thermal processing of... Associate Professor Gamsjäger Austria
Plasticity analysis of Mg-Y-Zn alloys by Synchrotron... Dr Garces Spain
Thermal stability of nanostructured bainite during tempering Dr Garcia mateo Spain
Key requirements for 3D printing of high-strength... Assistant Professor Garnier France
Molecular Simulations of Oxide Glass Surfaces and... Professor Garofalini United States of America
Organic materials for low cost Na and... Dr Gaubicher France
Simulation and analysis of several instances of... Dr Gaude fugarolas Spain
Design of advanced titanium alloys for functional... Professor Gloriant France
A strategy to improve the work-hardening behavior... Professor Godet Belgium
Hydrothermal sintering: a smart and relevant low... Professor Goglio France

Processing - structure - property correlation of...

Assistant Professor Golla India
Influence of Tb on structure and properties... Professor Golovin Russia
Homogenous amniotic membrane as a biological dressing... Associate Professor Gomes Brazil
Homogenous demineralized dentin matrix and platelet-rich plasma... Associate Professor Gomes Brazil
Magnetocaloric properties of rapid-quenched and ball milled... Professor Gorria Spain
Mapping the properties and the phases of... Associate Professor Gorsse France
Architecture gradient materials by nitriding : A... Professor Goune France
Thermomechanical processing and stability of retained austenite... Associate Professor Grajcar Poland

Development of novel Ti-Mo-Mn alloys for biomedical...

Professor Grandini Brazil
Metallic Butterfly Scales: Fabrication and Their Plasmonic... Professor Gu China

Challenges on the way from materials to...

Professor Guillon Germany
Predicting the solid solubility limit in high-entropy... Associate Professor Guo Sweden
Ultra-high strength and corrosion resistant Al alloys Assistant Professor Gupta United States of America
Multiple Capabilities of Composite Technology To Enhance... Associate Professor Gupta Singapore
Progress in mechanical property models for steels Professor Gutierrez Spain

Cathode Material Design for High-Energy-Density Sodium-ion Rechargeable...

Dr Han Korea, South
The aging behavior and orientation relationships with... Professor Han Korea, South

Mechanical properties of tailored microstructures of TWIP...

Professor Han China
Flaw determination in the pipeline under insulation... Mrs Han Korea, South
Surface treatment of Silicon Steel by Glow... Dr Han South Korea
Molecular dynamics modeling of aluminum alloys Miss Hanae Morocco
Superelasticity and tunable thermal expansion across a... Professor Hao China
TRIP behavior observation during creep test using... Dr Harjo Japan

High Pressure Synthesis and Characterization of Binary...

Professor Hasegawa Japan

Investigations of Reaction Layers between CVDSiC Fiber...

Professor Hashimoto Japan
Solid-state electric double layer capacitors based on... Associate Professor Hashmi India
Finding the Needle in a Haystack: A... Assistant Professor Hautier Belgium
Delayed plasticity during nanoindentation of single phase... Mr He China
De-densification phenomenon in ceramics: role of impurities... Professor Heintz France
Low temperature sintering using SPS Mr De Beauvoir France
Solidification of metastable materials from containerless undercooled... Professor Herlach Germany

Laser pyrolysis : a method of interest...

Dr Herlin boime France
Crystalline structure and low temperature magnetic behavior... Professor Hernando Spain
Carbon nanowslls, vertical nanographene network as platform... Professor Hiramatsu Japan
Concurrent strengthening of ultrafine-grained age-hardenable Al-Mg alloy... Professor Hirosawa Japan
Joining Process through Sintering of Nanoparticles Derived... Professor Hirose Japan

Materials for the demand of future power...

Dr Hobt Germany
Fabrication and Characterization of Rock Analogues using... Mr Hodder Canada
Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for medical application: still... Professor Hofmann Switzerland
A Novel Multi-Strengthened Microstructure Design of Ni-Based... Associate Professor Hong Korea, South

Detection of hydrogen gas release from aluminum...

Associate Professor Horikawa Japan

Material Challenges for Improving the Function of...

Dr Horita Japan
Effect of Solution Treatment on the Microstructure... Associate Professor Hou China
Model Based Process Window development for... Assistant Professor Hoyos Colombia
Effect of rolling passes on the thermodynamic... Dr Hu China
(CH3NH3)2PdCl4, a novel two-dimensional organic-inorganic layered perovskite:... Mr Huang Singapore
Investigations on microstructure and mechanical properties of... Dr Huang Germany
The effect of solutes and particles on... Dr Huang United Kingdom
The research of quality forecasts in melting... Mr Hui China
Application of Gyroid Minimal Surface for Three-Dimensionally... Associate Professor Ichikawa Japan
Fabrication of Carbon-based Materials Composite Copper Plating... Professor Ichino Japan
Effect of Mg on local mechanical response... Dr Ii Japan

Disproportionation process of NaAlH4-TiCl3 analyzed by neutron...

Associate Professor Ikeda Japan

Room-temperature fabrication of all-solid-state rechargeable batteries using...

Professor Iriyama Japan
Recrystallization of alpha-Zr in cladding tubes for... Professor Isaenkova Russia
Tailoring compartmentalized models for metallic alloys forming Mr Issack France

Densification behavior and thermoelectric properties of β-FeSi2...

Associate Professor Ito Japan

Cross-linked Polymer Electrolyte and Its Application to...

Professor Itoh Japan
Modelling of the Strengthening of Ferrite in... Associate Professor Iza mendia Spain
Effect of Ti Powders and Reinforcements on... Professor Izui Japan
Reactive chemical vapour deposition/infiltration to produce carbide-based... Dr Jacques France
3D printing of structurally complex sand moulds... Miss Jacques France

Developments in rechargeable sulfur-based batteries

Dr Jalkanen Germany
Delocalized Plastic Flow in Proton-Irradiated Monolithic Metallic... Dr Jang South Korea
Strain Energy Measure for Improved Prediction of... Dr Jansto United States of America

Spatial comparison of the quality of the...

Dr Jørgensen Denmark

Photoelectrochemical properties of mesoporous tungsten trioxide films

Dr Jelinska Poland
Preparation and characterization of alpha-alumina aggregate made... Professor Jeon South Korea
Characteristics of Metal-hybrid Composites according to Macro-micro... Dr Jeong Korea, South
Advanced Materials Development for Future Nuclear System... Dr Jeong Korea, South
From Design to Casting— Development of a... Dr Ji United Kingdom
Nano-scale structural observations of unstained polymeric materials... Professor Jinnai Japan
Low Temperature Spark Plasma Sintering to Explore... Dr Josse France
An approach to predict fatigue life of... Dr Jung Korea, South

Simulation tools for predicting solidification and homogenization...

Associate Professor Jung Canada
Low Dimension Magnetic Lattices: from Oxides to... Dr Kabbour France
New Development in Magnesium Sheets for Automotive... Professor Kainer Germany
Preparation and characterization of cellulose network polymer... Assistant Professor Kakibe Japan
Molecular dynamics study on the mechanical properties... Associate Professor Kameda Japan
Manufacturing Green Bio-composite: Natural Fiber and... Dr Kamil Indonesia
Synthesized Magnetic Activated Carbon from Thermoset Resin Associate Professor Kamimoto Japan

Hot Forging of Cast Mg-4Al-2Ba-1Ca alloy and...

Professor Kamineni Hong Kong

Ultra-high performance bioplastics from poly(amino acid)s for...

Professor Kaneko Japan

Supergiant cyanobacterial polyanions for metal recovery, super-absorbent,...

Dr Kaneko Japan
Study on a kind of delicate sand... Associate Professor Kang China
Processing of nanostructured metallic surfaces: an application... Professor Kang Korea, South
IMC growth modeling and experimental verification for... Dr Kang Korea, South
SIGNIFICANCE OF POURBAIX DIAGRAMS TO STUDY THE... Associate Professor Kannoorpatti Australia

Electrical Insulation Properties for Bio-Based Polymer Films

Assistant Professor Kawai Japan
Acid-doped Polymer Nanofiber Framework for High-performance Fuel... Professor Kawakami Japan
Characteristics of Laminated Spark Plasma Sintered Compacts... Professor Kawamori Japan

Selective Electron Beam Melting - A powder...

Professor Körner Germany
Enhancement of composite properties by engineered nanoparticles... Professor Khabashesku United States of America
Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of... Mr Khakzadshahandashti Iran

Powder Based Methods of Additive Manufacturing

Professor Kieback Germany
Recent advances in nanomechanical in-situ TEM testing Associate Professor Kiener Austria
Self-setting injectable bone paste composed of hydroxyapatite/collagen... Professor Kikuchi Japan
Densification Kinetics during Isothermal Sintering of Zirconia Dr Kim Japan
High proton conductivity of modified PFSA membranes Dr Kim Japan
Synthesis of nanocomposite films from metallic salts... Professor Kim Korea, South
Synthesis and Characterization of Various Multilayer-coated Bridged... Professor Kim Korea, South

Silicon/Nanocarbon Electrodes for Li Ion Batteries with...

Professor Kim Hong Kong
Development of twin-roll cast Mg alloys for... Professor Kim Korea, South

Mechanical property and austenite stability of ultrafine-grained...

Professor Kim Korea, South

Atomistic research on the deformation behavior and...

Mr Kim South Korea
Advanced EBW technology for nuclear U-Mo fuel... Dr Kim Korea, South

Asymmetric Hardening Behaviour of Transformation-Induced Plasticity Steels

Professor Kim South Korea
Fracture behavior with the different position of... Dr Kim South Korea
Dispersion control of oxide particles in FeCrAl-ODS... Professor Kimura Japan
Regularly arranged AlGaN/InGaN nanocolumns for visible-emitting devices Professor Kishino Japan
Fabrication and Functionalization of Hybrid Materials by... Professor Knez Spain

Synthesis of tannic acid coated iron oxide...

Mr Ko Taiwan
Effect of isothermal holding in the incubation... Professor Kobayashi Japan
Crystal Orientation Mapping in Combination with in-situ... Dr Kobler United States of America
Characterization of Three-Dimensionally Networked Porous Carbon Professor Kogo Japan
Cold Electronics at Room Temperature: Toward Ultralow... Professor Koh United States of America
Molecular dynamics study on the transfer of... Mr Kondo Japan
New Materials for Additive Manufacturing in Metal:... Associate Professor Koptyug Sweden
Deformation-induced supersaturation of immiscible binary systems Dr Kormout Austria
Advanced Data Analytics in Analytical Electron Microscopy Dr Kotula United States of America

Highly luminescent nanocrystals of cesium lead halide...

Assistant Professor Kovalenko Switzerland
Novel theory for nucleation of spherical precipitates... Professor Kozeschnik Austria
Monte Carlo and deterministic approach to atomistic... Professor Kozubski Poland
Development of new multicomponent high-zinc aluminium cast... Professor Krajewski Poland

Scanning Laser Source Crack Detection with Machine...

Professor Krishnaswamy United States of America
Role and fate of plasmonic gold nanoparticles... Miss Krysiak Poland
Multiphysical phenomena in advanced manufacturing of multi-layer... Professor Krzyzanowski United Kingdom
Synthesis of novel aluminium based composite materials... Professor Kubota Japan
Understanding the complex structures in nanoglasses Dr Kuebel Germany
Osteoconductivity and Protein Adsorbability of Hydrophilic Titanium... Associate Professor Kuroda Japan
Influence of Process Parameters on the Sheet... Dr Kurz Germany
Stabilizing Copper Hexacyanoferrate During the Intercalation of... Professor La Mantia Germany
The effect of natural aging on subsequent... Miss Lai China

Ageing in Lithium-ion batteries: the point of...

Dr Le Caer France
High pressure synthesis of new superhard compounds Dr Le Godec France
Investigation of synchronization of dislocation avalanches during... Dr Lebedkina France
Spatiotemporal complexity of plastic flow of alpha-Ti... Dr Lebyodkin France
Study of crystal-liquid interfacial free energy for... Dr Lee South Korea

Fabrication of hierarchical photoanode for solar energy...

Professor Lee Korea, South
Informing and Validating ICME Models using Synchrotron... Professor Lee United Kingdom

Combined effect of grain boundary serration and...

Miss Lee South Korea
Effect of double bainitic transformation on microstructures... Dr Lee South Korea
Fabrication of TiN thin films by a... Professor Lee Taiwan
Effect of process peak temperatue on mechanical... Dr Lee Korea, South
Deformation twinning and texture evolution of high... Professor Lee South Korea

Thermo-mechanical Tests for Tungsten Alloys with High...

Dr Lee South Korea

High Adsorption and Thermal Conduction of Lightweight...

Professor Lee Korea, South
3D imaging to study degradation mechanisms of... Dr Lefebvre joud France

Sintering behavior and microwave dielectric properties of...

Dr Lei China
EELS spectroscopy at 2 and 3 dimensional... Professor Leifer Sweden
Fine aspects of phosphorus nanosegregation at grain... Professor Lejcek Czech Republic

Multiscale morphological and electrical characterization of charge...

Dr Lestriez France
Effect of plastic deformation and heating on... Associate Professor Li China

Carbon-nanotube/high-strength aluminum alloy composites fabricated by a...

Professor Li China
Substrate Dimension Effect on DLC Coating Properties... Dr Li United States of America
Harden and toughen metallic glasses by spatial... Professor Li United States of America
Twinning-based magnesium alloy design and processing Assistant Professor Li United States of America
Designing novel high-entropy alloys towards superior properties Dr Li Germany
Kinetic Energy Harvesting Performance of Electrospun Nanofiber... Professor Lin Australia
In Situ Grain Refinement by Electric Current... Professor Lin Taiwan
The atomic-scale enhancement mechanism of nitrogen vacancies... Professor Lin China
Multi-scale modeling of microstructure and tensile property... Professor Liu China
Microstructural evolution of TP347H austenitic heat-resistant steel... Professor Liu China
Control of crystal orientation and distribution behaviours... Associate Professor Liu China
3D Printing of Bulk Metallic Glasses by... Professor Liu China

The possibilities of introducing and stabilizing twins...

Miss Liu China

The use of hot hardness testing to...

Assistant Professor Lopes Brazil
Silver diffusion in TRISO coated nuclear fuel... Dr Lopez honorato Mexico
Development of graphene oxide based materials for... Dr Lopez honorato Mexico
Mechanical property and biocompatibility evaluation of Fe-Zr-Nb... Professor Lou Taiwan
SiC-NFA Composites for Nuclear Cladding Applications Professor Lu United States of America
Additive and Pyrolysis Atmosphere Effects on High... Professor Lu United States of America
A new strategy to design eutectic high-entropy... Associate Professor Lu China
Influence of AlN powder structure, morphology and... Professor Lu China
Development of FSW technology and equipment for... Professor Luan China
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of A-TIG... Dr M India
Fabrication of aluminum matrix nanocomposites via friction... Professor Ma China
Plastic Flow Stability of Chips in the... Professor Ma China
Effect of Welding Process on Microstructure and... Dr Maamar Algeria
Study of zirconium oxycarbide-based ceramics: synthesis by... Professor Maitre France
Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy of Early Stages of... Dr Makkonen Finland
Measurement of lattice rotations and determination of... Associate Professor Malard France
Processing of transparent materials by femtosecond lasers:... Associate Professor Manek hoenninger France
Thermal stability of Ni1-xPtx (0 <... Dr Mangelinck France
Design of microstructure for enhanced mechanical and... Assistant Professor Mansoor Qatar

Microwave Sintering in a 915 MHz Microwave...

Professor Marinel France
Self assembly of magnetic nanoclusters in Diamond-like... Dr Markwitz New Zealand
The thermoelectric power technique: a performing tool... Mrs Massardier France

Crystalline Organoboron Compound as Scafford for Ion...

Professor Matsumi Japan

Zero-solvent electrolyte for next generation secondary batteries

Dr Matsumoto Japan
Development of Forging Process with Cyclic Alternating... Associate Professor Matsumoto Japan
High temperature deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy... Associate Professor Matsumoto Japan
Electronic conductivity of Ti-based nanolaminated conducting ceramics... Associate Professor Mauchamp France
Nanometer-scale characterization of the surface functionalization groups... Associate Professor Mauchamp France

Virgin martensite in Fe-Ni-C alloys: low-temperature ordering...

Professor Maugis France
Molecular design, synthesis, and characterization of substituted... Dr Mawataru Japan

From Correlative tomography to 3D Understanding of...

Professor Mücklich Germany
Synthesis and characterization of zeolite membranes on... Dr Medina Ramirez Mexico
Structure, composition and magnetism in FeAl alloys... Dr Menéndez Spain
Microstructure and tensile properties of Mg-Zn-(Gd)-Zr alloys... Professor Meng China
Enhancememt of Broadband Down-conversion in Cr/Pr/Yb Co-doped... Assistant Professor Meng China
Novel Phosphor Materials & Flexible Structures for... Dr Menkara United States of America
Effects of Nanoclay on Mechanical Properties of... Professor Merah Saudi Arabia
Fabrication of transparent superhydrophobic surface for self-cleaning... Dr Merah Saudi Arabia
Thermal treatments for tailoring the microstructure and... Dr Mertens Belgium
Magnetostriction utilized in magnetoelectric and magnetoresistive sensors... Dr Meyners Germany
Characterisation and modelling of the precipitation sequence... Miss Meyruey France
Boron nitride based nanostructured materials for energy,... Professor Miele France


Professor Mileiko Russia
Crystallographic orientation dependence of fatigue crack growth... Associate Professor Mine Japan
Effects of Equal Channel Angular Pressing on... Dr Mingler Austria
Influence of electrical property of sintering die... Dr Misawa Japan
Magnetic Soft Materials with Variable Elasticity and... Professor Mitsumata Japan

Development of High Performance Injection Molded Ti...

Professor Miura Japan

TiO2/SiO2 composite coating on Ti sbstrate fabricated...

Associate Professor Miura fujiwara Japan
Microstructural evolution of Cu-1.6mass%Fe alloy during accumulative... Assistant Professor Miyajima Japan
Inorganic nanosheet liquid crystal for fabrication of... Associate Professor Miyamoto Japan

Development of Numerical Model for Friction Stir...

Associate Professor Miyasaka Japan
Study of Light Emission from Si Quantum... Professor Miyazaki Japan
Periodic Material for Vibration Response Reduction of... Professor Mo United States of America
Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of... Dr Mogucheva Russia
Materials Selection for Perforated Plates of FCDs... Dr Mohajeri Iran
Analytical and Structural Characterization of Nd2Fe14B sintered... Mr Mohamed Algeria
Modeling of phenol and naphthalene migration through... Assistant Professor Mohamed Seghir Algeria
Tribology of UHMWPE hybrid nanocomposite coatings reinforced... Assistant Professor Mohammed Saudi Arabia
Electrostatic Shielding versus Sterical Ligand Stabilization: Tunable... Mr Mohrhusen Germany
Plasticity of magnesium single crystals: The role... Professor Molodov Germany
Densification mechanisms of metallic systems by spark... Dr Monchoux France
An investigation on the high-temperature strength of... Dr Moon Korea, South
Using Granular sulphur properties to modify granulation... Miss Moradifar Iran

Theoretical Analysis of Keyhole Dynamics in Laser...

Associate Professor Mori Japan
Microstructural development of Rolled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy... Assistant Professor Morita Japan
The Microstructure of Dislocated Martensitic Steel Professor Morris Jr United States of America
Magnetic properties investigations of synthesized Fe-TiC from... Professor Morsi Egypt
New synthesis path of ultra-transparent fluoride ceramics... Professor Mortier France
Protochips™ in-situ Electron Microscopy Solutions: Capabilities and... Dr Mosig Germany
Numerical Study of Nanoscale AlGaN/GaN High -Electron... Mr Mourad Algeria
Laser Induced Forward Transfer of high viscosity... Dr Munoz martin Spain
Additively manufactured femoral stem topology optimization: case... Professor Munteanu Romania
Friction and Wear Properties of Aluminum and... Dr Murakami Japan
Biaxial Creep of Textured Nb-modified Zircaloy Tubing Dr Kumar United States of America
Production and Characterization of Highly Porous Mg-Ca-Zn... Associate Professor Mutlu Turkey
Corrosion Properties of Alkali Treated Ti-Co Alloy... Associate Professor Mutlu Turkey
Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Ti-Ta-Mo Alloy... Associate Professor Mutlu Turkey
An innovative process for recovering rare earth... Associate Professor Nachbaur France
Permanent magnets based on exchange coupled composites Associate Professor Nachbaur France
Through Process Modelling applied to the fatigue... Professor Nadot France
Preparation of Polyimide Particles and Application to... Dr Nakahashi Japan
Co-production of electric energy and platform chemicals Professor Nakamura Japan
Characterization and nanoscale phenomena of ceramics by... Professor Nakano Japan
Research and development of GeSn-related thin-film semiconductors... Professor Nakatsuka Japan
Study on pressure-induced novel-bonding between hydrogen and... Professor Nakayama Japan

Honeycomb-Layer Structured Na3Ni2BiO6 Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion...

Assistant Professor Nam Korea, South
Layer- and Tunnel- Structured Materials for Rechargeable... Assistant Professor Nam Korea, South
Additive manufacturing of small-scale medical devices Professor Narayan United States of America

The use of tri-antibiotic paste and its...

Professor Narciso Spain
SiC base materials to be used in... Professor Narciso Spain
Rare-earth based thin films for electronic applications Dr Natali New Zealand
Alloy dissolution and oxidation in electrolytes -... Professor Newman Canada
Novel redox actuators made from nickel hydroxide... Professor Ngan Hong Kong
Nucleation and growth in the metastable liquid... Miss Nie China
Evaluation of critical influence factors on the... Professor Niendorf Germany
Microstructural Mechanism of Gradient Temperature Heat Treatment... Associate Professor Ning China
Effects of grain size on thermoelectric properties... Mr Nishide Japan
New molecular design of hydrocarbon polymer electrolytes... Associate Professor Nishihara Japan

Vacuum Diffusion Brazing of Aluminum Metal Matrix...

Professor Niu China

In situ studies of batteries using synchrotron...

Professor Norby Denmark
The Leaching of Iron Ore from Ouenza... Dr Nouioua Algeria
Small-angle neutron scattering of anomalous magnetic microstructure... Assistant Professor Oba Japan
Bulk Supramolecular Materials based on Pillar[n]arenes Professor Ogoshi Japan
Dissimilar friction welding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy to... Associate Professor Ogura Japan
Friction Stir Forming Approach for Net-shape Forming... Professor Ohashi Japan
Ultra-Thinning Technologies for 300-mm Wafer Stack of... Professor Ohba Japan
Advanced Nano-mechanical Characterization of bcc Irons for... Professor Ohmura Japan
Experimental investigation and thermodynamic assessment of the... Professor Oikawa Japan
Macro-space partitioning via aqueous megamolecular polysaccharides under... Assistant Professor Okeyoshi Japan
Heterogeneous Photocatalysis and Interfacial Magnetic Field Effect Associate Professor Okumura Japan
Ultrafinegrained microstructure in a medium manganese steel... Miss Oliveira Brazil
Interaction between recrystallization and alpha->gamma transformation during... Miss Ollat France
Self-Ordered Porous Anodic Oxides Films Formed on... Professor Ono Japan
Transparent materials processing by femtosecond laser pulses Dr Osellame Italy
Forming and Joining Simultaneous Processing of Stacked... Professor Otsu Japan
Elaboration of an electrode material based on... Dr Oukil Algeria
Selective surface modification at photo-irradiated area of... Professor Oyama Japan
High Temperature Deformation of Inconel 718Plus Mr Ozturk Turkey
Special interfaces in hexagonal metals Dr Paidar Czech Republic
Multi-scale modeling of deformation textures of SAF... Dr Palla India
Microstructure Evolution and Formability of ZnTiCu Strips Dr Pantazopoulos Greece
Effect of a core in a nozzle... Professor Park Korea, South
Control of the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion... Professor Park Korea, South
Influence of Nano Powder on Rheological Behavior... Professor Park Korea, South
Time-dependent plastic deformation of pearlitic steels at... Professor Park South Korea
Correlative Atom Probe Tomography (APT) with In-situ... Professor Park Korea, South
Digital image correlation (DIC) technique for fatigue... Mr Patil India
Metallurgical Aspects and Corrosion Behaviour of Laser... Dr Paulraj India
Influence of texture and grain size on... Dr Pérez Zubiaur Spain

Mathematical Simulation of Stress Induced Martensite Transformation...

Dr Perez Mexico
Simulation of ageing in steels studied at... Professor Perez France

Characterization of metallic glasses by transmission electron...

Dr Peterlechner Germany
New insights into the processing of nanostructured... Assistant Professor Philippot France
Characterization of Luminescence Centers in N and... Professor Phillips Australia
Modeling and Simulation of Corrosion Pits in... Professor Pidaparti United States of America
Problem of identification of phase transformation models... Professor Pietrzyk Poland
Novel high temperature oxide ceramics coatings: synthesis,... Dr Piticescu Romania
HAp nanopowders prepared by high pressure synthesis... Dr Piticescu Romania

Searching for high potential organic electrode materials

Professor Poizot France
On the reliability of half-cell tests for... Dr Ponrouch Spain

Charge carrier chemistry in liquid/solid lithium electrolytes

Dr Popovic Germany

Resistance upset welding of ODS steel fuel...

Associate Professor Poulon quintin France

Looking for New Active Compound for High...

Dr Pralong France
Crystallization kinetics of Multicomponent Zr-based Metallic Glass... Professor Pratap India
High Energy X-ray diffraction as a tool... Professor Pyczak Germany

Micro-FAST – a process combining FAST and...

Professor Qin United Kingdom
Wear of Non-Ferrous Alloys and Coatings in... Dr Qu United States of America
Semi-solid Microstructure Evolution of a High Strength... Professor Quan China
Materials characterization by multi-scale and time-resolved synchrotron-based... Dr Rack France
Metal–Organic Frameworks For Oxygen Reduction Reaction in... Associate Professor Ramanujam India

Plasma spraying of liquid feedstock in pulsed...

Dr Rat France
MATERIAL = DEVICE: CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES Professor Ravindra United States of America
Cathodoluminescence Simulation of GaN, AlGaN and AlGaN/GaN... Dr Redha Algeria
Crystallographic evolution of additively manufactured titanium alloy... Dr Reichert Belgium
Bulk and Surface Study of a Li-ion... Professor Renner Belgium
Advances in the development of long lasting... Dr Reveron France
Gaining novel Insights into transport paths within... Professor Rezwan Germany
Tailored multi-fluorescent silica nanoparticles for in vitro... Professor Rezwan Germany

Fibre laser beam welding parameters and their...

Mr Riekehr Germany

Post-irradiation particle stability and micro-mechanical response of...

Dr Robertson France
Electroactive Ionic Liquids as Redox Systems in... Professor Rochefort Canada
Multifunctional coatings: Hard, transparent, wear resistant and... Professor Rodil Mexico
Examination and enhancement of TiSi2 powder nitridation Dr Roger France
Thermoelectric Energy Conversion in High ZT Spinodal... Professor Rogl Austria
Mechanical properties of high ZT thermoelectric materials:... Dr Rogl Austria

Advanced Electrode Materials for low cost Na-ion...

Professor Rojo Spain
Analysis of hard metal cutting tools and... Professor Rosso Italy
Investigation on surface modification of Mg-based alloy... Professor Rosso Italy
Near Net Shape Parts Development By Additive... Dr Roumanie France
Electron crystallography: structure solution and refinement of... Dr Roussel France
Smart hybrid organic-inorganic materials: Impact of hybridization... Professor Rozes France
Platinum nanoparticles supported on different substrates as... Dr Ruiz Camacho Mexico
Tungsten-based High Entropy Alloy Composites for Plasma... Associate Professor Ryu Korea, South
Science and Technology of Laser Interference Dr Sabau United States of America

Recent developments in physical simulation of metallurgical...

Dr Sabirov Spain
Recent developments in spectroscopic tomography Dr Saghi France
Spark Plasma Sintered Alumina Hybrid Nanocomposites Associate Professor Saheb Saudi Arabia
Laser Brazing for Advanced Bonding of Metals Professor Saida Japan
Surface modification by flow-induced segregation of miscible... Mr Sako Japan
Tensile strength, structure and fracture properties of... Dr Samal France

Melt spinning technique for preparation of magnetocaloric...

Dr Sanchez Llamazares Mexico
Ultrafinegrained microstructure in a medium manganese steel... Dr Santos Brazil
Toward High-Durability Battery: Degradation and Inhomogeneous Behavior... Dr Sasaki Japan
Analysis and reconstruction of creep curve by... Professor Sato Japan
Growth and Some Properties of GaN-Based Nano-Pillar-Shaped... Associate Professor Sato Japan
Structural and electrochemical investigations of defect perovskite... Associate Professor Schmid Australia

Localized Properties of Lithium Battery Materials Using...

Professor Schougaard Canada
Fractal characteristics of surfaces and microstructures Professor Schouwenaars Mexico
Cold Forging Process Design of Electrical Parking... Dr Seo South Korea
Low-Temperature Formation of High-Mobility IGZO Thin Film... Professor Setsuhara Japan
A Study of Slag-Steel Interaction During Continuous... Mr Seyrek United Kingdom
A Study of Hardened Steels Mechanical Properties... Dr Sham India
Crystal Growth and Characterization of Magnesium Single... Dr Shanov United States of America
Mg-based Hydrogen Storage Materials for Onboard and... Assistant Professor Shao China
Effects of alloying atoms on the stacking... Mr Shao China
A designer approach in developing new energy... Professor Shao China
Pushing the boundaries for in situ/operando diffraction... Dr Sharma Australia
Twinning and Detwinning Processes in Nanocrystalline and... Dr Sheinermana Russia

Microstructure and enhanced H2S sensing properties of...

Professor Shen China
Development of Ferromagnetic Bulk Metallic Glasses with... Dr Shen China
Atomistic-level interaction between lubricant and SPD-processed metallic... Associate Professor Shiihara Japan
Smart Gel Consisting of Cylindrical Inorganic Polymer... Assistant Professor Shikinaka Japan
Quantum and Classical Mechanics of Quasi-1D Nanocarbons Associate Professor Shima Japan

Single crystal phosphors for high-brightness white lighting

Dr Shimamura Japan

Synthesis of phosphor Zn2(TixSn1-x)O4 : Eu and...

Mr Shimoda Japan
Technology Transfer, especially in Materials Science Professor Shin Korea, South
Development of Twin Roll Cast Magnesium Alloy... Professor Shin Korea, South

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Tensile...

Mr Shin South Korea
Preparation and characterization of chitosan-hydroxyapatite mono-fiber prepared... Associate Professor Shirosaki Japan
The Characteristics of the Aluminum Alloy Castings... Professor Shuming China
Physical simulation of hot rolling of steels Dr Siciliano United States of America
Physical properties of Copper-Carbon Composites Fabricated by... Dr Silvain France
A theory for the collapse of the... Dr Simensen Norway

Graphene, Silanes and Nanocrystallinity: Novel Nano Approaches...

Professor Singh Australia

Numerical modelling of welding of martensitic stainless...

Professor Smoljan Croatia

Effect of segregation of sp-impurities on surface...

Professor Sob Czech Republic

Materials Design and Advanced Features of Fluorescence...

Professor Soga Japan
Polypeptides/C60 Complexes and their Applications for Energy... Dr Solladie France
BioCeramics: New Advanced Materials for Biological Applications... Professor Solomah United States of America
Materials in Energy Technologies: From pressure-boundaries to... Dr Sonde India
Low-cycle fatigue behavior of hydrogen charged high-Mn... Mr Song Korea, South
Metal fuel slugs for a sodium-cooled fast... Dr Song Korea, South
Novel Fe-Mn-Si-Pd dense and porous alloys: insights... Professor Sort Spain


Dr Sougrati France
Metallic Glasses: Discovery, Development and Future Professor Spaepen United States of America
Bringing in situ transmission electron microscopy to... Professor Spiecker Germany
Bottlebrush Elastomers: A New Molecular Paradigm for... Professor Spontak United States of America

Intracellular calcium dynamics dependent on defined features...

Dr Staehlke Germany
Quantitative shakeout behaviour determination of cast-in foundry... Mr Stauder Austria
High-entropy alloys of the Al-Cr-Nb-Ti-V-Zr system: structure... Dr Stepanov Russia
Effect of casting condition on fatigue strength... Associate Professor Stoschka Austria
Texture randomization by high speed rolling and... Dr Su Canada
Measurement of electrical and mechanical properties of... Associate Professor Suda Japan
Electron Radiolytic Triggering Metal-Insultor Transformation in VO2... Professor Sui China

Proton Conducting Ceramics for Electricity Generation, Energy...

Associate Professor Sullivan United States of America
Tri-modal microstructure in TA15 Ti-alloy and processing... Professor Sun China
Understanding the corrosion behaviour of dissimilar welds... Mrs Suravajhala India
Investigation of Carbon Partitioning and Martensite Formation... Dr Suwanpinij Thailand

Contact Film Formation and Electrical Properties of...

Professor Takahashi Japan
Relationships Between Crystallographic Structure and Low Friction... Dr Takahashi Japan
Microtensile behaviour of lath martensite structures in... Professor Takashima Japan
Adhesive hydrogel system utilizing intercalation properties of... Dr Tamesue Japan
Magnetic properties of compounds made of rare-earth... Professor Tamura Japan
High pressure synthesis of fine structured cubic... Dr Taniguchi Japan

Synthesis and Implementation of Ceramic Li7La3Zr2O12 Electrolyte...

Dr Tarnopolskiy France
Healable, damage-resistant alloys with excellent reusability Assistant Professor Tasan United States of America
DFT molecular dynamics studies on battery materials:... Dr Tateyama Japan

Plasma Deposition and Electrical Transport Properties of...

Professor Teii Japan
Metallurgical Factors Affecting Creep Properties in Alumina-Forming... Assistant Professor Terner South Korea
Plasma sprayed coatings for bone replacement with... Dr Testrich Germany

Enhanced Glow Discharge and Hard Coating by...

Professor Tian China

On strengthening of advanced austenitic stainless steel...

Dr Tikhonova Russia
On Estimating High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of... Professor Tiryakioglu United States of America
A study of recyclability AlSi12 powder used... Mr Tissot France
Tribological behavior under lubricant in heavy plastic... Associate Professor Todaka Japan
Multifunctional Properties of Ni-Fe-Ga Shape Memory Alloy Dr Tolea Romania
Ethylene carbonate/ethylene oxide random copolymers for Li-ion... Associate Professor Tominaga Japan
π-Conjugated Polymers Possessing Versatile Elements-blocks for Potential... Professor Tomita Japan
Thermal Properties of Layered Composite Consisting of... Professor Tomoshige Japan
Recycling of aluminum beverage cans for metallic... Dr Torres Mexico
Gold nanoparticles of unusual morphologies Dr Treguer delapierre France
Non-destructive testing of polycrystalline and single crystal... Dr Tremsin United States of America
Unique opportunities; The magnetic/electronic coupling in intrinsic... Professor Trodahl New Zealand
Interface modification of inorganic Li ion conductor... Dr Tsai Germany
Hierarchical Simulations for Doping Effects in Nanomaterials Professor Tsuruta Japan
Effect of hydrogen on twin boundary cracking... Mr Ueki Japan
Quantitative evaluation and 3-dimensional analysis of microstructure... Mr Uemura Japan

Thin-film processing of innovative lithium batteries based...

Dr Uhlenbruck Germany
Improvement of running performance of railway vehicle... Mr Umehara Japan
Numerical simulation for designing mechanically reliable structure... Associate Professor Umeno Japan
Atomic configuration and magnetic properties of Co-... Associate Professor Umetsu Japan
PET -based non-resorbable membrane for fast guided... Professor Unuma Japan
The abrasion resisance of construction steels: rapid... Professor Van Der Zwaag Netherlands

The Effects of Nitrogen on Kinetics and...

Dr Van Landeghem France

Functionalized TiO2 Nanotube Hybrids in Energy Applications

Assistant Professor Vedarajan Japan

Al/C composites materials fabricated by continuous solid-liquid...

Dr Veillere France
Image-based modeling – A series of useful... Professor Vignoles France
Tensile properties and Strain rate sensitivity of... Professor Viguier France
Surface nanostructures formed on polished materials surfaces... Professor Vilar Portugal

On the way to “cheap” Na-ion batteries

Dr Villevieille Switzerland
Post-treatments of EBM Ti-6Al-4V parts: relationships between... Dr Vivès Belgium
Li-S battery: materials and in operando analytical... Dr Vizintin Slovenia

Shape memory alloy nano-gripper for bottom-up mechanical...

Dr Von Gratowski Russia
High precision STEM Imaging of Cation Vacancies... Professor Voyles United States of America
Spatially-resolved Dynamics in the Supercooled Liquid of... Professor Voyles United States of America

Suppressing CMAS attack by different plasma sprayed...

Professor Wang China
The arc-cutting and plane-second-cutting FEM to simulate... Professor Wang China
Oxidation mechanism of T91 steel in liquid... Associate Professor Wang China
Ion-irradiation induced structural evolution in a metallic... Dr Wang China
Microstructure evolution of Inconel 718 Nickel-based superalloy... Mr Wang China
Study of thermophysical properties and structure of... Professor Watanabe Japan
Mechanical property of AZCa912 continuous casting bar... Dr Watazu Japan
Formation, Lattice Distortion, Thermodynamics, and Mechanical Properties... Professor Ouyang United States of America
Solid Electrolytes for Li-Batteries: Ion Dynamics as... Professor Wilkening Austria
Application of X-ray tomography to the study... Dr Wilkinson Canada
Experimental studies on the tool wear behavior... Dr Wong Singapore
Composites Repair: Can vent holes improve... Dr Wong Singapore
Statistics, Dynamics, and Temporal Correlations of Shear... Associate Professor Wright United States of America
China’s Surface Modification of Metallic Bipolar Plates... Associate Professor Wu China
A double strengthened surface layer fabricated by... Professor Wu China
Assembly of polyphenols and polyethylenimine for enhanced... Mr Wu Taiwan
X-Ray CT Inspection for Micro Porosities and... Dr Xiao China
Micro-deformation Measurement Using Moiré and DIC Techniques Professor Xie China
Improvement and characterization of Ti-based bulk metallic... Dr Xie Japan
Transformations between the short-range orders in undercooled... Dr Xingchen China
Effect of pre-deformation on aging hardening behavior... Dr Xiongwei China
Numerical Simulation of Mold Filling, Solidification and... Professor Xu China
PVdF-HFP based microporous polymer electrolyte for electrical... Mr Yadav India
Autonomic healing of surface crack for glassy... Professor Yamaguchi Japan

Crystallization Behavior and Plastic Deformation of Zr-Cu-Ni-Al-M...

Professor Yamasaki Japan
Microstructure and structural integrity of the 3-D... Mrs Yang United States of America
High-Throughput Computational Design of Perovskite-Oxide-Based Two-Dimensional Electron... Assistant Professor Yang United States of America
The tensile creep behavior and creep mechanism... Professor Yang China
Recrystallization during Heating Process of two Ni-based... Dr Yang China
Thermal stability and mechanical behavior of the... Professor Yao China
Effect of thermal exposure factor on microscale... Professor Yao China
High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Severely Deformed... Associate Professor Yapici Turkey
Optimising the design of nano-bio interface through... Professor Yarovsky Australia
Spake Plasma Sintering - opportunities and applications Dr Yokozawa Japan
High Energy Density Solids: A New Class... Professor Yoo United States of America
Study of Precipitation Process in two Al-Mg-Si... Dr Youcef Algeria
Brazing of Inconel 600 by a New... Assistant Professor Yu United States of America
Recovery by triple junction motion in nanostructured... Dr Yu Denmark
Advances in electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI):... Dr Zaefferer Germany
Effect of grain size on the mechanical... Professor Zeng China
Application of electromagnetic NDT methods in the... Professor Zergoug Algeria
Tribological properties of plasma sprayed NiCrBSi-Mo composite... Professor Zhang China
Precision forming and assembling technique of large... Dr Zhang China
Ductile fracture modeling of metal ploycrystals by... Dr Zhang China
Bioinspired materials templates by nature species Professor Zhang China
Physical and structural properties of high quality... Mr Zhang Singapore
Design of High Entropy Alloys by High... Dr Zhang United States of America
Robotic stationary shoulder friction stir welding and... Dr Zhang China
Liquid-liquid phase transformation of Al-Bi alloys with... Professor Zhao China
Effects of sintering temperature and holding time... Professor Zhao China
Three-dimensional Characteristics of Pore Structure in SiCp... Professor Zhao China
Effect of bimodal grain distribution on pitting... Associate Professor Zheng China
Application of solute drag theory to model... Assistant Professor Zheng China
Deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of a... Dr Zherebtsov Russia
Low expansion nanocomposites as high temperature protective... Professor Zhu China
Multi-Phase Modeling for Metal Shaping Professor Zhu China

Investigation on interfacial fracture toughness of plasma-sprayed...

Professor Zhu China

Multiscale characterization of the deformation and recrystallization...

Professor Zidani Algeria
Natural biocomposites as nano-structured materials Professor Zolotoyabko Israel
Mg based hydrogen storage nano composites synthesized... Professor Zou China